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"Mayhem" Bob Bardell passed away on Saturday September 3, 2005 with his wife Kathleen "Lady K" at his side.
Scott Vincent's Pulling truck is a 1965 F-250 that pulls in local 5,200 lb. 2 wheel drive Pro-Street Class. It is powered by a .060 over 390 w/11:1 TRW pistons, Lunati cam, C1AE heads, heavily ported Streetmaster intake w/ 850 Holley Double Pumper, Mallory UniLite Distributer, Dove roller rockers through a New Process transmission.
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Photo by PhotoMagic Photography
Rest in Peace Bob. You are sore missed. Be strong Kathleen.
Bill Ballinger owns this 1965 F-250 4x4. Original NP435, Dana 44 Front Dana 60 rear w/4.56 gears on 33-12.50 x 16.5's. It weighs in @ 4750 Lbs.
Engine is a .020 over 390 '69 Block w/ C4AE-G heads. Heads are home ported in all bowls w/1.66 Exhaust valves. Golf ball dimples in the combustion chambers under the intake valves.  Cam is a CompCams 270S w/ 229 degrees @ .050 lift, and .539 Lift w/ stock Ford adjustable rockers. Intake is a Holley Street Dominator on loan, and well worked by Mario Van Weichen, W/ 750 Carter Competition Series AFB. Spark is courtesy of Duraspark w/ 18 Degrees initial /20 centrifugal all in by 2200 rpm.
This page is dedicated to the memory of "Mayhem" Bob Bardell
Bob & Kathleen
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Mike Scott's 1966 F-100 Custom Cab long bed step side Daily driver w/ .060 over 390 with 10.5:1 TRW forged pistons. C8AE-G GT heads with CJ valves. Edelbrock RPM cam, intake and Edelbrock 600 cfm carb. Erson roller rocker assembly. Duraspark Distributer, MSD6AL box, Mallory Powermaster coil. Trans is a C-6 with lots of valve body mods.  Rear is 9" w/ 3.70 gears. P/s with front disc brakes. Hedman headers with 3" dual exhaust into 3-1/2" glass packs that kick out the side.
Rapid Russ is the owner of this 1970 F-250. It presently has a mild 390 w/ C-6 with a
soft locker rear. Plans are in the making for the motor to be replaced with a 433 c.i.d. cross bolted motor with 10:1 Probe forged pistons, CompCams XE284 cam w/ roller rockers, Scat H beam rods w/ ARP bolts, PSE Tunnel Ram with 2 650 Holleys on top. Custom full length headers from Accufab. Tranny will be a rollerized C-6 and the rear will get MW axles w/ 4.56 gears. Plus the truck will be on a serious diet.
My neighbor up the road, Nicholas Monn Sr.'s '76 F-100 Super Street Puller he calls P.O.S.
It is powered by a .030 over 390 mill with a CompCams 292H cam with Crane roller rockers. Between the Edelbrock heads sits a Victor intake with a Demon 850 carb sitting on top. Headers are Homemade equal length fenderwells 2-1/8" into"  4". Trans is a T-18 four speed with a 12" Borg Warner clutch. Front Dana 44 w/ARB air locker and the rear is a welded 9". Both are 4.56 ratio
Larry Kortkamp's 1969 F-100 "Blue Hoover" is Powered by a 428 Mediun Riser
with 2x4Bbls and a four speed trans.
Okay class, now pay attention. What kind of trucks are these? That's right. They are both Mercurys. The Red and white one is all stock long box '66 Custom Cab with a 352 mill and three on the tree restored in 1994. The all red truck is a '66 Merc Ranger short box with an all stock 352, auto trans, P/S, P/B, bucket seats and console. It was frame off restored in 2001. Owned by Rich Miller
Doug "Smitty" Smith's Hillbilly Truck powered by a 1963 Mercury Marauder 390 c.i.d. motor w/ factory Low Riser manifold; Crane solid cam w/ 227 degrees @ .050 lift & .523 lift; MSD Blaster ignition. Exhaust is handled by ceramic coated headers with Edelbrock RPM mufflers.
Pippin Cavagnaro's 1966 F-100 "Redneck Battle Truck" is powered by a 410 c.i.d. mill with CompCams XE262 cam; Long rods; Custom machined pistons; stock parts, except for self ported heads. Tranny is a three on the tree until it wears out then it will get a top loader. Visit his site at
I love Cammers and I love this truck. It is owned by R. Wayne Jeffers.
Always time for friends
Wes Adams is the proud owner of this 1976 F-150 4 X4  powered by a 1970 428 PI bored .030" over with Speed Pro forged 11:1 pistons; stock rods; standard 1U crank; C8AE-H heads w/ 2.09" & 1.65" valves & CompCams roller rockers w/ Custom Crower solid roller cam w/ .565 lift. Between the heads sits an Edelbrock F-427 manifold with a Holley 750 HP w/ Perform main body and Adjust-A-Jets on a 2" spacer; 5" K&N filter; Hooker headers; Spark is handled by a Mallory Unilite dizzy with MSD 6AL box and Super Stock coil. The truck has a 4" lift with 3" body; 3.50 gears and 35" tires and traction bars. Transmission is a NP435.
Garry (CJCAT427) & Molly Catalano are the proud owners of this 1956F-100
It is powered by a 427 Medium Riser with long cast headers, 3" Stainless exhaust, 9" Ford Traction Loc rear with 3.73 gears and traction bars. The truck currently has a C-6 trans, but is soon to be changed to a toploader 4 speed. Garry has owned this truck for thirty five years and is presently rebuilding it for the third and final time. It will sport the same motor w/ 4 speed, new bed and big back window cab. The color will be changed from rangoon red to Ford Performance Red which is much brighter. I can't wait to see it in color.
Tim McGuire from Big "D" owns this 1972 F-250 Crew Cab
Tim is restoring it for use as a tow vehicle for his 1970 Boss 302 Mustang.  It is currently powered by a 390 2V with a C-6 and 3.54 Dana 60 rear. It also has PS, PB (with the monster dual piston front calipers), and factory AC.  Tim is currently building a 428 for the truck. The engine is a Super Marauder 428 that came out of a 1966 Mercury S-55. It will have .030" over forged pistons, a mild Comp Cam and headers. It will run the Factory Autolite 4100 carb on an iron "S" intake. The new 428 will be in the truck by mid summer 2006.
Jake Roulstone's 1967 F-250 with 390, C-6 and 3.73 gears.
This is Jake's "Towtruck" He has towed across the country and back three times with tows over 7,500 lbs... San Francisco to Bangor, Maine. Jake says it's the best truck he has ever owned.
Be sure to check out his Cobra on the Cobra page.
This beautiful Rangoon Red 1966 Ford F-250 Camper Special is Powered by a 428 w/ 4 speed and is owned by David Jameson,
Another Canadian Mercury Pickup truck. This one is owned by Eric Donaldson  and is a 1966 Mercury Camper Special (Not an M-250) restored at 69,000 miles Motor is a stock 352 with a Comp Cams 255H cam built by Tom P. It looks like one tough Ford truck to me.
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