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Mark McMullen's 1966 Mustang 2+2 was originally was bought as a wreck. It took him three years of hard work to put it back together. The new mill is a 484 cubic inch stroker with CNC'd Edelbrock heads with Erson roller rockers clearanced for the Edelbrock heads. Those roller rockers are set into motion by a special grind roller cam from our friend Barry at Survival Motors.  Mark does all his own engine, and transmission work and built the entire car himself with the exception of the final paint job. Mark made seven passes on the final day of the 2007 season and the car went 10.673 with no tinkering at all. He is looking forward to the 2008 season. Good Luck Mark.
Tom Moore's "Tommy-T"  '67 Mustang is powered by a  very loose +.030 427CO Block w/ TRW L2298 stroker pistons w/ Lemans rods, and 1UB crank. Cam is a CompCams 308R roller unit with lifters bought used from a local "Roundy Round" racer. Edelbrock heads were ported to 320@.650 lift flow numbers. They are topped with a Port-O-Sonic and a new Holley 950HP, and an MSD ignition. Full manual C-6 tranny w/narrowed 9" w/Detroit Locker. It currently runs 11.30's, but Tom is planning to put the sqeeze to it to get it into the 10's
Darren Richards 1967, 390 Mustang GT from across the pond in Great Britain
is powered by a .030 over 390 with a mild cam, high compression pistons and Hooker headers. As you can imagine it turns a lot of heads in England especially with it being a 390. It sure does make me miss my Springtime Yellow '67 "K" code 'Stang.
This stunning 1969 Mach 1 belongs to Heath Kopp. It's a scj Ram Air Drag Pack
car with a four speed AE-2 toploader, modular 9" rear w/ 3.91 gears. It is painted sonic blue pearl. Options include P/S, Power disc brakes, tach, interior lighting group, fold down rear seat and console.
Ross Bullock's  1970 Mustang w/ Center oiler .0477" over, 4.25" stroke 489 cubic inc 427 FE has a 1000 cfm Holley carb sitting on top of a ported Edelbrock RPM intake and Keith Craft Stage 1 aluminum heads with additional porting. Bumpstick is an Erson solid flat tappet. Hooker Super Comp headers, Tremec TKO-600 trans w/McLeod clutch and 3.70 rear w/Currie parts and Moser axles. The Mustang has the full stock interior with A/C.
When an article in HOT ROD Magazine called the Ford "FE" motor "Finally Extinct" many of us 
lovers of FE power took exception to those words. Soon after that, one of our own from the Ford FE Big Block Forum made the writer of that article eat his words, as he went on to become his class champion at "Drag Week." That man is none other than Jay Brown to whom I dedicate this page. He gave them a new meaning for "FE". They now can call it the "Fierce Eliminator".  Good job Jay!
Jay Brown's 1969 Mustang is powered by a Shelby aluminum  block with the big bore option. Bore is 4.375" / Scat billet 4.25" stroke; Crower billet BBC rods; Diamond 11.75:1 pistons. Precision Oil Pumps HV oil pump and drive shaft; Canton oil pickup and Cobra pan.CompCams custom solid roller cam 266/272 @ .050 lift; Lift is .700"/710", LSA is 110 degrees; ATI balancer; Edelbrock aluminum water pump w/March 2 groove pulleys. Edelbrock heads w/2.25"/1.75 SS valves; Erson rocker assy. and Smith Bros. 3/8" pushrods. Edelbrock Victor intake w/ Holley 1150 cfm Dominator carb. Hooker adjustable race headers and 3" exhaust w/Dynomax mufflers and electric cutouts. Ignition is MSD Billet distributor; Digital 6 Plus box; Blaster coil and 8.5mm wires. Performance Automatics C - 4 w/ full reverse manual valve body and trans brake. 4.11 gears w/ Detroit Locker (old style) Mark Williams Masterline 31 spline axles and Cal Trac traction bars. I didn't go into too much detail, or I wouldn't have room for pictures.
Jesse Williams'  1968 restomod Mustang started life as a small block car. It has had several motors in the past, but now sports a Genesis 468 c.i.d. stroker; David Kee toploader and Traction Lock rear. WHAT A SLEEPER!
Steve "zeater" Engberg's  '69 Mach 1 Mustang Mach I was featured in the February 2005 edition of Car Craft Magazine. It is powered by a 463 cubic inch Ford FE motor with a Scat 4.250" crank; Ross 12:1 pistons ; CompCams 308A solid roller cam w/262@.050" lift. Lift is .674". Edelbrock ported aluminum heads; Blue Thunder intake topped by a 1,000 cfm Pro Systems carb and NOS "Top Shot" 125 HP nitrous kit; tri Y headers, Dr. Gas 3" exhaust system w/DynoMax mufflers. Transmission is a Ford top loader with a Center Force clutch Rear is a 9" Ford unit with a Detroit Locker and Richmond 4.11 gears.
The LeBlanc's NHRA Record Holding Cobra Jet Powered Mustangs
Red's Record Holding 1969 CJ powered Mach 1 Mustang with Jerico 4 speed runs in NHRA classes SS/F, SS/G and SS/H. His best time and speed: 9.57 seconds @ 140.45mph.
Shaun's 1988 Cj powered Saleen Mustang making it's GT/A class record run with an ET of  9.06 seconds @ 147.08 mph at Montgomery AL in 2003
UPDATE: Shaun's Mustang just set the quickest and fastest time ever for a GT car in NHRA.
3/4/2007 8.975@148.92 mph. That's with an FE Ford folks. No chebbys here.
This fine corral of Mustangs are all owned by Frank & Sharyn Bowers who hail from Oklahoma.
The 1969 GT fastback (upper left) is powered by a  428 ram air Super Cobra Jet with a four speed.
The tire smoking 1967 Mustang GTA is powered by a tunnel port.
Two of the Shelbys are powered by tunnel ports and the third is powered by a 428.
Be sure to check out their Cougar on the Mercury page.
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Bill Coleman from right here in Pennsylvania is the proud owner of this beautiful specimen of a 1968 Mustang. Under the hood "bonnet for our Brit friends" is perched a +.030"  427 block of 1966 vintage with 428 CJ heads and manifolds with a PI intake. Cam is an Isky solid. Compression is 10.5:1
Eric Johnson is the proud owner of this unique 1967 Gt-500 which just happens to be the very first production GT-500 manufactured by Shelby American. Cecile & I are proud to display it here on our pages. It is powered by a stroker 427 mill with aluminum MR heads; aluminum water pump; 11.4:1 compression ratio; Comp Cams solid lifter cam w/ Harland Sharp rockers; LeMans rods and a SCJ crankshaft through a modified C-6 transmission. It develops 401HP and 415 lbs. ft. of torque to the rear wheels and turns quarter mile times of 12.3 seconds @ 114 MPH.