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Joe Santillo's '67 Fairlane GT is powered by a .060 over 390 w/ CJ crank and toploader trans. Edelbrock Aluminum heads,and water pump. Blue Thunder Intake w/BJ/BK re-issue carbs, Shelby roller rockers, Moroso oilpan, and Hooker SuperComp headers. Cam is an Edelbrock RPM. Ignition is an MSD pro billet w/6AL box. Trans is a close ratio top loader with a Hurst shifter, and out back is a 9" with a 3.89 Traction Lock w/ 31 spline axles. Crites 427 hood, Traction Masters, and 15" repop style steel wheels finish it off.
Joe Stasiak's '66 Fairlane GT Convertable was bought about 15 years ago as a rust bucket. It currently has a 452 c.i.d. center oiler with a four speed and 3.89 locker rear. Motor has Le Mans rods, Ross pistons, Edelbrock heads and RPM intake with an 850 Holley DP on top, and Crites headers to empty the cylinders.. The bumpstick is a CompCams 294S.
Doug "Fairlaniac" Bender's  Fairlane is powered by a OE.030 over 390 w/KB Silv-O-Lite pistons, C8OE-N CJ heads w/SS 2.09/1.66 valves and rocker stands by www.precisionoilpumps.com. Cam is a CompCams 282S w/solid shell lifters, and Smith Brothers pushrods. Intake is an Edelbrock performer RPM with a Holley 750 cfm Vacuum Secondary carb sitting on top. Spark is handled by a MSD Pro Billet distributer with mechanical advance and a MSD Blaster II coil. Water pump is an Edelbrock aluminum. Torque converter, and shift kit are from Broader Performance actuated by a B&M Pro Ratchet shifter to a Detroit Locker.
Scott Allard's '66 Fairlane is powered by a 390 with a Holley Street Avenger sitting on top of a Performer RPM Intake with ported stock heads w/ rocker shaft end stands. The cam is a CompCams 270H. The stock exhaust manifolds are ported. A Howe aluminum radiator and Edelbrock aluminum water pump keep things cool. Spark is provided by a Pertronix ignition. KBY shocks up front and Bilsteins out back. The car runs 15.4 sec.@ 92 mph. Not bad for a daily driver.
Bobby Gist of Moultom,AL is the proud ouner of this street driven 1963 Fairlane powered by a 427 SO with 428 crank and Edelbrock heads. Can you say Sleeper?
Charlie Logsdon's 1957 Ford Fairlane Club Sedan was purchased in Utah
in 2004 and he is only the third owner. After breaking a chunk out of the #6 piston on the old motor Charlie rebuilt the motor himself. It's a 428 CJ mill bored to 439 c.i.d. with stock .010/.010 crank w/stock C7AE rods resized and bushed w/ARP fasteners used throught the motor. Speed Pro coated forged aluminum pistons,Melling HV oil pump, Canton deep sump pan windage tray & pickup. Bumpstick is a CompCams XE274H with matching lifters. Erson full roller rockers and pushrods. Edelbrock  Performer RPM heads cc'd and milled to 71cc for 10.5:1 compressionDouble roller timing set with Torrington thrust bearings.
Intake is an Edelbrock Performer RPM topped off with a Holley 770 Street Avenger carb fed by a Holley 110 GPH fuel pump. Hooker Super Comp headers exhaust the spent gasses. through Flowmaster Super 40 mufflers. Tranny is a four speed top loader feeding a Ford 9" rear w/3.50 gears and Limited slip unit.

Phil Featherston's 1964 T- Bolt
Information please.
Another car from "Down Under"
Sabina & Andy from Adelaide, Australia own this sleek Fairlane. Motor is a '65 390 bored .030" over. Block was sonic checked, decked, line bored with the crank index ground, stroke matched and balanced. Pistons are TRW forged. Carburetor is a Holley Street 750 HP double pumper  sitting on an Edelbrock Performer RPM intake manifold nestled between a set of ported & polished Edelbrock heads w/ Erson roller rockers that are set in motion by a Cam Research solid cam with .590 lift and 245 degrees duration @ .050" lift. Headers are Tri-Y's w/ 1 7/8" primaries into 2" into 2 1/2" dual system Oiling is handled by a Homemade 8 litre sump w/ HV oil pump & windage tray. Ignition is supplied by a re-curved  Mallory YL dizzy with Crane electronic conversion. Tranny is a C-6 w/ extra clutches; 'R' servo and stage 2 Transgo kit w/ 3,000 rpm stall converter. Rear is a Ford 9" with 3.55 gears LSD.
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Knute Grani is the proud owner of this very tastefully done 1955 Fairlane.
Under the hood (bonnet for our friends across the pond) sits a 427 bored .030 over with dual carbs, Concept One Serpentine Belt pulley kit, custom headers dumping into a 3" exhaust system with electric cut-outs. Steering is rack & pinion and suspension is Air Ride Technologies air bags. I have only one word to say about this car. "BEAUTIFUL"
This beautiful 1969 Fairlane Cobra belongs to Paul Winters. It is an 'R' Code 428 Cobra Jet with automatic trans; bucket seats; column shift fastback, numbers matching car with 56,000 original miles
John Spindle of Midland, VA owns this beautifully clean 1968 Fairlane 500. Under the hood sits a '66 Side-Oiler 427 stroked to 451 cubic inches with Aries Pistons; LeMans rods; L.R. heads; B.T. 2x4 intake with 2-600 cfm Holley carbs; Erson roller rocker shafts; Crane blueprint cam; MSD Pro Billet dizzy; MSD ignition and a Holley blue fuel pump. Exhaust is Hooker Super Comps with 3" pipes to the rear w/ Flow Master mufflers. The mill is backed by a C-6 with reverse manual valve body and trans brake. Out back is a "N" case 3.89 Traction Lock w/31 spline axles.
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Earl Varner from Arizona is the proud owner of this breath taking 1956 Fairlane Club Sedan powered by a 390 FE. I think the license plate on the rear says it all.