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Walter House's Ranchero "Shaker" is an original big block XL Fairlane car with a .030 over 390 mill with Cobra Jet heads and exhaust manifolds; Police Interceptor intake with 735 cfm CJ carb sitting on top. Roller rockers are used with a lumpy cam. Transmission is a C-6 with some magic done to it and it drives the 3.70's out back. Walt says "The 'Shaker' came from a Mustang. It limits my options as to intake manifolds I can use, but it adds character, it's different and like most, it's a work in progress."
dgasman's 1958 Ranchero is presently powered by a 352, but it is soon to be a 410.
Please send me more info on this beautiful 'chero.
Tom Jacobs' 1968 Ranchero powered by a .060 over 390
How about some more information Tom?
The un-identified owner of this 1958 Ranchero says it is powered by a '62 406 c.i.d. mill.
This beautiful 1957 Ranchero has belonged to Louie Christensen for the past 32 years and is used mostly for cruises and car shows with some 1/8 mile drags thrown in just for fun. It ran 7.80s @ 88 mph before the dual quads were installed. It is powered by a 428 Cobra Jet engine bored .030" over w/ forged 10:1 pistons; Howard solid roller cam 244 @ .050" lift and .600 total lift; Harland Sharp roller rockers on Edelbrock aluminum heads. Between those heads is an Edelbrock X-F66 cross ram intake w/ stage 2 450 Holleys from Performance Carburetors. Fire is provided by an MSD 6+ Ignition. and the burnt gasses are exhausted by Tri-Y at the present time, but Hedman Hustler headers are coming this winter w/ 3" exhaust system. Water pump is an Edelbrock and the oiling chores are handled by a blueprinted HV/HP oil pump; Milodon 7 Qt pan & windage tray. Tranny is a Stage 2 C-6 w/ B&M Pro Ratchet shifter; 3000 TCI stall converter with Gear Vendors overdrive. Out back is a 9" rear w/ 4.56 gears; Detroit Locker; 31 spline Dutchman axles and Caltracts.
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