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"Spooky" has evolved from a mild mannered daily work truck with a 352 motor with a two barrel carb and single exhaust to a slightly hopped up 352 with an RV cam, headers, and 2 1/4" dual exhaust with 500 cfm Holley two barrel carb (Hey it worked). Later he received a 275 Horsepower 390 which was not that great a motor but it worked for a while, and had slightly more power than the old 352. That 390 was rebuilt into a 335+ Horsepower 390 that had several different cams, intakes and carbs over the years. At the present time "SPOOKY" is being totally transformed into a serious bracket racing truck that will see limited street use. Spooky is powered by a 396 cubic inch Ford FE motor with modified Edelbrock heads, and CompCams roller rockers with Smith Brothers pushrods and the valve springs mounted in steel cups. Titanium keepers with 10-degree locks are used. It is internally balanced with an ATI Super Balancer on the front of the crankshaft to keep things in balanced to over 7,000 RPM. It is fed through an Edelbrock Performer RPM manifold and an 870 cfm Holley Street Avenger carb fed by a Clay Smith High Volume fuel pump (not pictured). Compression ratio is roughly 10.5:1. (Actual ratio is secret.) The cam is a CompCams solid roller of my own design, (also secret) and is driven by a Roll Master true double roller timing chain with Torrington thrust bearings. Ignition is a Mallory HyFire IV unit with Mallory Comp 9000 distributor, coil, wires, and Pro Shields. Water pump is Edelbrock aluminum. Headers are Cyclone (Soon to be changed.) with 2 1/2" pipes through DynoMax Super Turbos. Oil is supplied by a Melling High Volume oil pump blueprinted by Pumpbuilder and a Ford Motorsports chrome moly drive shaft, a Dooley nine quart oil pan, and pickup with a Ford Motorsports windage tray. The trans is a TCI Streel Fighter C6 that was rebuilt with Kevlar clutches and bands from TPI Performance and is finished off with a Reactor flex plate. The rear is a 9" Ford unit with Richmond  4.11 gears and an Auburn Pro Series limited slip unit with Moser 31 spline axles. Custom made slapper bars keep the wheels from bouncing at launch. I hope to have "Spooky" back on the strip as soon as finances permit.
Cecile's project  truck 1962 uinbody we call "Night Mare". We have just aquired a 390 FE motor for this truck and she is looking forward to building her first performance motor with Barry's help.
Ready for the Christmas parade right after being restored.
Fresh coat of paint. Restoration on my mind.
I just can't leave anything stock. I'm a hot rodder. Always have been. Always will be.
Looks like all show, but don't be fooled. It's more go than show and driven daily.
The original 352. Had a lot of fun with that motor once It got a cam; headers and 500 Holley 2 bbl. This was the motor that people said was "Spooky" because of the way it ran after it got a 600 Holley 4 bbl carb.  The name stuck.
The first 390 started out mild, but it didn't stay that way when I was finished with it. Over the years it had several different cams and more carburetors than most people buy in a lifetime.
Spooky's motor today, but still not finished. More to come