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(street rods; t-buckets; transplants, or vehicles that do not [as of yet] have a page  dedicated to their model).
This beautiful Talladega belongs to Lloyd Heintz of Aurora, CO.
It has the correct 428 heads and block and was freshened up recently.
Jerry "Lugnut" Chenot of Greenleaf, W I. is the proud owner of this  T-Bucket powered by a 450 Horsepower 390 mill with Edelbreck heads and 3X2 Bbbl intake and carbs. Notice the highly polished stainless steel frame. AWESOME "T".
The Late "Dyno" Don Nicholson's SOHC 427 powered Maverick.
I am waiting on information from Australia for this 1932 Ford roadster powered by an FE with Edelbrock heads and six 97 Strombergs. Thanks to Craig Bisset for the pics.
Gerald's Canadian Meteor project car. (No. It's not a Mercury, but a Canadian Ford.) Gerald is looking for an FE motor for his prized automobile.
Information is needed.
Jerry Riela from Ocala, FL is the owner of this pristine 1958 Skyliner retractable hard top convertible with a 352 under the hood.
FEarless is a 1931 Model "A" Ford owned by Buddy Janiszewski from right down the road from me in Quakertown, PA. It is powered by a 427 Cubic inch FE mill bored and stroked to 472 cubic inches with a Scat crank and rods. Compression ratio is 11:1 The Edelbrock aluminum heads are ported and polished with Dove roller rockers w/ hardened steel shafts & end stands and covered with Dove aluminum 427 valve covers. The heads are fed by a Holley 850 double pumper with a ProForm center section through a Dove single 4bbl Intake manifold. Valves are actuated by a Comp Cams solid roller cam w/ .700 lift. Tranny is a C-6 with a shift kit Cheetah SCS shifter and a 3,800 stall converter. Rear is a 9" with 4.11 gears Moser 33 spline axles and spool with ladder bars. I love the "Old School" approach this car takes. 
Mario Rapetti is the current owner of this beautiful 1955 Crown Victoria custom that is powered by a 360 truck motor with all kinds of neat goodies hooked up to a four speed trans. Sure does turn a lot of heads . You can't help but want to look under the hood. I'll never tell.
Bill Orrick's beautiful 1949 is powered by a 427 SOHC. He says he drives it like he stole it.
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Chevy view of Jerry's 9" Ford rear.