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Roger Arens'  1964 Falcon
Motor is a Keith Craft 489 cid Shelby block with 4.28" bore x 4.25" stroke; Dove High Riser heads & intake, Danny Bee belt drive, CompCams solid roller, T7D 1.8:1 rockers and 1250 cfm Dominator carb. Chassis is by Mike Duffey Race Cars. With 871 HP @ 7,800 RPM and 4.56 gears it has turned a Best ET of 8.30 @ 161 with a 1.19 60 ft time.
"Fear Factor"  is a 1964 Falcon formerly campained by Rich LaMont, but is now owned and driven by
Steve Vargo of New Jersey. Some special features include 2 - 750 cfm Holley carbs; Headers by Lucky's Race Cars;  and four speed transmission by Jerico. The wheels are Weld Pro Stars with M/T tires.
Lubrication by Quaker State.
Brandon's 1968 Falcon notchback powered by a 487 Cubic inch FE motor with fully ported 428 Cobra Jet heads and 13.6: compression ratio. Cam is a full roller with .740" lift with 276 degrees intake & 284 degrees exhaust at .050" lift. Feeding the mill is a Holley Dominator 1050 atop a Port-O-Sonic intake with a fully ported Dominator plate welded to it. Tranny is a Power Glide into a 9" rear w/ 4.56 gears; spool and 31 spline axles.
This beautiful street driven 1969 Falcon is powered by a 428 FE mill. It is owned by Tony "Utry on the FE forum" Pagliughi's son. I'm sorry, but Tony didn't give me his name, or details about the car. I would bet it kicks butt though.
The "Wild Child" is a classic example of a 1965 A/FX  Falcon powered by a SOHC 427 (called Frogs by some folks, because of the way they would sometimes leap off the starting line with all four wheels off the ground). It is owned by Joe Germann and was raced under the banner of Rankin Ford. I could never do this car proper justice with the limited space on our pages, so please click on the link below to visit Joe's page.
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