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Rory McNeil ownes this FE Powered Fairmont.

Hey Rory! You need to take some weight out of your trunk. LOL!

The car is a 1978 Fairmont 2 door sedan that started life as a Zero option 4 cylinder, 4 speed, manual steering, brakes and no radio. The car has a 2"X 3" frame back half from the firewall back with ladder bars and an 8 point roll bar.The car is all steel and has a fully carpeted interior. The engine is a .030" over 428 T Bird block with Speed Pro pistons on stock C7AE-B rods with 3/8" ARP bolts; stock .010" 1U 428 crank. The cam is an Oregon Cams solid lifter in the mid .600 lift, 266 duration using OE Ford "dumb bell lifters, ball & cup pushrods with Erson roller rockers. Heads are C8OE-N CJ units with some minor port and gasket matching. Current intake is an "out of the box" Edelbrock Victor, but the port matched Ford Sidewinder, with cut down center divider has gone the quickest ET's to date. Carb is a basically stock 3310 Holley 780 vac. secondary. Ignition is a Ford truck Duraspark dist. w/ MSD 6T box w/2 step rev limiter.Headers are 2" "sorta" equal length primaries w/ 3-1/2" collectors, custom made by Tom Posthuma. Trans is a 4 speed Jerico with Lakewood scattershield and McLeod clutch w/ aluminum flywheel. Dana 60 narrowed rear w/4.88 gears with Strange 35 spline spool, axles and chrome molly driveshaft.
Mario Van Weichen's 1979 Fairmont Futura is powered by a 428 + .040 engine using dished FM 2245 pistons for a 9.75:1 compression ratio.Cobra Jet heads are used with Ferrea SS valves and mild porting. Mario made his own rockers and stands. Intake is a Blue Thunder /Medium Riser with a Holley 950 HP on top. The cam is a Reed roller 252/260 with approximately .670 lift. A C-4 transmission is used with a bell housing Mario built himself and a Performance Automatic tranny brake. A 9" Ford rear w/ 4.56 gears, Weld Alumaster wheels and M/T rubber gets all the power to the asphault. Mario and his brother have been racing this beautiful car in Canada for 20 + years.
Although it is not powered by an FE motor, I believe it is proper to display Rory McNeil's
NHRA National Record Holder 1985 M/S Mustang.
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