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Ever since the Cobra came on the scene with the first Daytona Coupes, I have wanted to own one. These cars are still considered to be the ultimate performance machine. When the 427 version was introduced it was the only car in the world that could go from a standing start to 100 mph and back to a dead stop in 12.8 seconds. That was AWESOME for the mid 1960s'. This beautiful Cobra belongs to John "Jake" Roulstone of California. It is ERA # 660 and is built to be a mild driver (yeh right) with a 428 Cobra Jet mill with Edelbrock 427 heads and Lunati CJ cam.
Here is a Cobra from "Down Under" Nigel & Sue Townsend hail from New Zealand
and are the proud owners of this beautiful automobile. It was previously powered by a 428 c.i.d. Ford motor, but they just installed their new 427 Ford motor from Guessford Machine in Hastings, Nebraska to replace the 428. AWESOME!
This ERA 427 Cobra Replica belongs to Chuck Brandt. It was built to resemble the
street version so his young kids wouldn't burn themselves on the side pipes. The engine is actually the 390 for his '66 F-100. It will get a 427 eventually. It took almost two years to build. Engine details are standard bore 390 made from a 352. Compression is 9.75:1 The cam is an Isky solid EE-360 w/ 278 advertised duration w/.530 lift on a 108 degree lobe center. Heads are C4AE-G w/CJ sized stainless valves and a little bowl work. Intake is an Edelbrock Performer RPM with a Holley HP 750 DP carb sitting on top.
Ignition is MSD, and the trans is a wide ratio top loader.
This beauty is owned by Bernie "Burned" Stecker who hails from New Jersey and is very familiar with the Allentown area where we have mutual friends. The car was manufactured as a Stallion in 1979. The transmission is a race preped AOD with a 3500 stall guaranteed up tp 900 HP. It comes with an electric activated .67:1 Over Drive for street cruising. Rear is a 9" with 3.73 gears. The business end is a 427 SO stroked to 468 cubic inches with a Scat 40125" crank; Lunati Pro Mod rods; J.E. dished pistons 10.5:1; Custom CompCams roller cam and lifters 262/268 @ .050 lift; Lift 648/665. T&D Girded Roller Rockers with through pushrod oiling. Heads are Stage II CNC Edelbrocks (port matched). Intake is Blue Thunder 2X4 (port matched and TBC ceramic coated) topped with a pair of 710 cfm Holleys. Torque is 595.3 Ft. Lbs. @ 5000 rpm and Average HP is 601 @ 5850 rpm. 
Mike Zielinski "Cobra427mike on FordFE.com" is the proud owner of this 427 with a toploader. It took him over 17 month and God only knows how many beers to build.
Ratpoison 511 is what Bart (ratpoison511 on the forum) calls this bad ass Cobra. It was built with body and frame from Everett Morrison in 1965/6. It is powered by an all aluminum 511 cubic inch FE Shelby block, Crower crank and cam with homemade sheet metal intake and six stage dry sump. Tranny is a TCI Powerglide with an 8" converter. Rear is a 9" with Strange aluninum pumpkin and 5.00 gears w/ Mark Williams spool & axles. Brakes are Wildwood Dynalite. Front suspension is Mustang II. His son put the car to a 9.199 at Bakersfield, but it has run a 9.35 at Palmdale which with correction is 9.05 at sea level. Goal is to get the car into the 8's.
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