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Ford FE Powered Boats
This boat belongs to Bob "sohcbob" Grosch of Menlo Park, CA. It's a 22' 2" 1972 Mach 1 hull, flat bottom, V drive powered by a .030" over 390 c.i.d. Ford FE motor with Cobra Jet heads; Ultradyne cam; FPP shafts; Sharp rockers; Edelbrock cross ram manifold w/ port injected nitrous fogger; a pair of 450 cfm Holleys and Chromed Mercury "Lightning Bolt" valve covers.
This 1967 Lavey - Craft with mild 390 with hydraulic cam and four barrel carb belongs to Bob "RJP" Plowman . The boat isn't real fast, but it's a good reliable boat that runs on 89 octane gas and has through transome exhaust so he can use it on any lake without problems from "Johnny Law."
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Chris Cook's  boat is a 1966 Howard flat bottom with a Casale 12 degree gearbox and 15% gears powered by a Holman Moody 468 c.i.d.  Medium Riser Side Oiler which was installed by Chris. The mill is a standard bore with a 3/8' stroker from HM. When he got the boat it wasn't much, but as you can see, he brought it back from the dead. Supposedly, this wass the Holman Moody boat used to do R&D and promote their marine division out of Long Beach. He is looking for anyone who may have more information about this boat. Please email me if you have any info and I will be glad to forward it to Chris. Thanks
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