Barry & Cecile's Page Dedicated to
The Ultimate FE Motor
The SOHC 427 "Cammer"
Cecile and I also dedicate this page to two of the greatest Drag Racers of all time. The 'Late'  "Dyno" Don Nicholson & The 'Late' "Sneaky" Pete Robinson.
Both of whom helped to make the "cammer" a winner.
"Sneaky" Pete Robinson's SOHC digger
"Dyno" Don Nicholson's SOHC Pro Stock Maverick
owned by R. Wayne Jeffers.
The "Late" Mike Jackson's beautiful SOHC powered 1962 Galaxie. Luv them '62s
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Bill Orrick's stunning 1949 Ford with a SOHC 427 under the hood.
Bill says he drives it like he stole it. Sweet!
From our 'Trucks' page is this beautiful candy red SOHC 427 powered pickup truck. It's owner is R. Wayne Jeffers who also owns the awesome Fairlane below and several other SOHC powered vehicles of champions from the past.
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I get excited every time I see a cammer under the hood of any car, or truck. Greg Lennon's SOHC baby blue 1966 Gal is one heck of a head turning sleeper. It was originally a 352 powered automatic fastback car, from N.C. The color is the original "baby blue" with the only changes to the body being a fiberglass hood and homemade aluminum bumpers. Power comes from an original cammer block bored .020 over with J&E 12.5:1 pistons; Crower rods w/ Chrysler hemi size big ends; Ford steel crankshaft and aluminum heads w/ solid S/S valves. Transmission is the big toploader 4 speed w/ a recently installed McLeoud street twin clutch. Greg says "I hope it will take the abuse. My last clutch did not like the torque very much." Cooling is provided by a Ron Davis racing radiator that Greg says are very nice and he recommends them. Since the car weighs 3700 pounds and there is an abundance of under hood power to get it moving quickly, stopping is handled by 12" Wildwood discs in front with twin master cylinders with an adjustable balance bar.
The "Wild Child" is a classic example of a 1965 A/FX  Falcon powered by a SOHC 427 (called Frogs by some folks, because of the way they would sometimes leap off the starting line with all four wheels off the ground). It is owned by Joe Germann and was raced under the banner of Rankin Ford. Please click on the link below to visit Joe's page.
This killer 1964 Fairlane is owned by R. Wayne Jeffers aka "RWJ." It is powered by an all aluminum Shelby block with 496 cubic inch displacement; Ford Perfect heads; Crower billet rods and crank; Crane Nitro cams; 58 mm throttle bodies on an original Ford intake w/ Fast EFI system. Transmission is a Jerico feeding a 4.30:1 nine inch rear with ladder bar suspension w/ Team Three wheels and M/T street slicks
The Bach & Gould SOHC powered digger
Thanks to Bob Sprowl for the photos.
"Ohio" George Montgomery's alcohol funny car from the collection of
R. Wayne Jeffers
For more "WILD CHILD" click here.
Jack Chrisman got one of the four original Logghe built Comets in 1966. Jack took his proven blown 427 SOHC out of the Chrisman Comet to run in the new flip top car, unlike Nicholson and Schartman, who ran injected cammers. In 1966, it seemed that the four light weight Comets dominated the funny car competition like no other cars. Jack Chrismans high point in his funny car career was his 7.60 second run @ 190.27 mph at Indy in 1967. That run was light years ahead of the competition. No other car ran in the sevens during qualifying at that event.

(photo by Mike Ditty; Information from
In 1967 Gas Ronda replaced his Holman Moody built Russ Davis Mustang with this West Coast built '67 Mustang. He won many races with the poppy red Mustang including the '67 Manufacturers Race at Orange County. The car ran times of 7.90 sec. @ 184.04 mph with an injected cammer engine. despite the stock style body with removable front end and opening doors.

(Photo by Mike Ditty; Information by