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Galaxie 500 Page
Galzilla is owned by Nick aka  "XBOLT" on the FE Forum. It is a 1963 1/2 Pro Street Galaxie 500 XL.
The engine is a stroked, cross bolt 427 c.i.d. Ford, for a total of 454 cubic inches. Cobra Jet rods and heads are used with Arias pistons; solid cam and Shelby Dominator aluminum intake. Exhaust is through an X pipe & Dynomax Race Magnum mufflers. Front is all glass including the bumper with Alston back half w/ full 12 point roll cage; nine inch Ford rear w/ 4.56 gears and Strange 31 spline axles. It is street driven and is not a trailer queen. I love this car!
This is Nick's other car. Although it is not powered by an FE, and not a Galaxie, we will make an exception in this case. We reserve the right to display other Fords belonging to people with their cars on our pages. Nicks Fairlane has a 460+ engine w/ J&E slugs; motor plate; ATI full comp tranny w/ 3500 stall; backhalved from firewall back; ladderbars w/ QA1 coilovers; 32" X 18 1/2" X 15" rear MT/ ET Streets; 12 gal. fuel cell; Lakewood 90/10 up front; narrowed 4.56 rear w/ spool; tubbed; X pipe; Dynomax Race Magnum mufflers and full cage.
Bob Travis has the distinction of owning this beautiful  1965 Galaxie 500 XL with all original paint; body (except for the hood) and trim. Bob is the third owner of this California "Black Plate" car. Under the hood sits a .060" over 391 truck block w/ forged 10.5:1 TRW pistons w/ Moly rings; C7AE-B rods converted for High Performance use; .010"/ .010" PI crank. The complete rotating assembly is balanced. Heads are Edelbrock w/ 2.15" intakes & 1.66" exhausts built by DSC. The Erson rollers are bumped by a Lunati cam with .563 I & .600 E lift. Duration is 280/ 290. Between the heads sits a Blue Thunder dual quad intake and although Bob didn't say what carbs he is using,  They are fed by a Carter fuel pump. Oiling chores are handled by an M57HV pump drawing the slippery stuff from a Milodon oil pan with a Canton windage tray. To keep things cool there is an Edelbrock water pump. Tranny is a Street/ Strip C-6 w/ billet input shaft; billet converter and billet servo. Rear is a Ford 9" with 4.11s and a locker. Rims are Torque Thrusts (of course) w/ 245/60/15 Dunlops.
Tom Barden's 1963 Galaxie 500 2 door "Box Top" is a factory "Z" code car with a 390 cubic inch engine and four speed manual transmission.
David Florence aka "GalaxieGT" on the FE Forum is the proud owner of this 1965 Galaxie 500.
It sports a .030" over 390 for a total of 396 cubic inches. (Tha block is actually a 428 service block bored to 4.08".) Heads are ported and polished C4AE low risers with Dove roller rockers; Milodon roller timing chain and topped by a Port-O-Sonic intake fed by a Holley/ProForm 780HP carburetor. Cam is a Crower hydraulic w/234 duration @ .050" lift. & .519 valve lift & Rhoades lifters. Rotating assy is fully balanced w/Speed Pro forged flat tops; CJ rods w/ARP bolts and std./std crank w/ windage tray. Crites long tube headers & 3" pipes back to DynoMax bullet mufflers that turn down in front of the rear end. Lakewood scatter shield; Ram custom clutch; narrow pattern toploader; Hurst Competition Plus shifter; 3.70 limited slip rear and urethane bushings round out the drive train.  Body is mostly stock with Wimbledon white paint and a Crites fiberglass tear drop hood; some emblems shaved and Crager S/S wheels
Chris from down the road from me in Pottstown, PA is the proud owner of this fine 352 powered '65 Galaxie 500.
He is in the process of building a 428 SCJ for it, but just for fun he is leaving the 352 badges on the car. I'd hate to be the poor misguided individual that wants to race him thinking it's a 352. LOL!
For Cruise info in the DelMarVa area, click on this link
Connie and Woods Allen of Jacksonville, FL are the proud owners of this fine '64 Galaxie.
The Gal has a .030" over 390 and four speed. An original "P" Code with the beefy parts that came with them makes adding additional performance easy to absorb.
Mike Radke's 1966 Galaxie 500 Convertible with less than 70,000 miles.
The body is rust free, including the trunk, rocker panels, floor and other problem areas. The interior is in excellent condition considering it's age. It has a very stock 352 under the hood and a cruisomatic transmission. It also came from the factory with dual exhaust although Mike's (late) father-in-law changed out the original style mufflers for a pair of glass packs.
Mac McWilliams awesome 1967 Galaxie 500 is powered by a new Genesis 427.
The burnout is at Atco Raceway in NJ. He has promised more updates to come
Garry and Molly Catalano are the proud owners of this 1963 Galaxie 500.
Power comes from a 427 low rizer dual quad motor. Tranny has been changed to an early big in, big out top loader with a Hurst shifter to improve the occasional red light runs. The car is equiped with early style traction bars and goes straight as an arrow. Exhaust is 2 1/2" with glass packs. The interior is red and white which really sets this car off against the black exterior. Be sure to check out their truck on the "TRUCKS" page.
This handsome 1963 1/2 Galaxie 500 XL is owned by  Tony Pagliughi of Glastonbury, CT.
It is powered by a 427 8V backed up by a four speed transmission and a 4.11 locker rear. Wheels are  Crager S/S 15" X 7" . Tires are BF Goodrich TA radials. 235/70R15 front and 285/70R15 rear.
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Bill Haegele is very proud of his 1964 Ford Galaxie 500 Convertible powered by a 390 V-8.
The long block was remanufactured by S&S Auto Engine Remanufactures of Spokane, WA. Carburetor is a 625 cfm Road Demon on an aluminum Offenhauser single-plane intake manifold. All safety equipment has been replaced with new parts. The trunk pan has been replaced. The floor pan was repaired, coated with POR-15 and covered with a layer of sound deadening / insulation material before being recarpeted. The body was repainted 2005 Ford Vermillion Red and all bodywork and paint prep was done by Bill. The interior has been reupholstered in reproduction stock upholstery from Dearborn Classics. The convertible top has also been replaced along with a new rear window. Sometime in the future the radio and speaker will be replaced (not that you could hear it over the dual Flowmasters when the top is down).
Check out Bill's site at: