Barry & Cecile's Page Dedicated To Ford's Custom; Custom 300 and Ford 300 Automobiles with "FE" Power.
This eye catching 1957 Custom 300 is owned by Jim Weber who hails from New Hartford, IA.
His car was just completed and features a hi-po 390 with 401 Horsepower; top loader four speed; 3.70 Detroit Locker with 31 spline axles; rack & pinion steering and disc brakes. I personally think this car is very tastefully done. Luv dem 57's.
Gerald Kenny's car is a 1957 Custom 300 with station wagon Custom trim. He put a rebuilt frame under the car in 2003 with 1977 LTD II disc brakes and a 9 inch Traction Lock rear. The motor is, for the most part stock with a cross ram intake and a couple of 650 cfm carbs; Mallory HyFire IVc and matching 29440 coil. Exhaust is handled by a set of FPA shorty headers.
Sol Stewart's "Sunset Stallion" that he has owned since 1963. It now has 3,504 miles on the odometer. It has never been driven on the street. It has been raced hard from 1963 to 1968 and has been stored in his warehouse since then. It is one of only 47 early lite weights built by Ford. The car weighs 3,550 pounds and has been raced as both a four speed and automatic transmission car. Sol is currently repainting and re-lettering the car as it is shown in the pictures
Bo Fabre is the proud owner of this 1963 Ford 300 with a .030 over 406 mill with tri-power; 11:1 Ross Flattop pistons: Lunati solid cam 300/310 duration; Hooker headers; 4 speed trans with 3.89 locker rear. Finishing touches include Crites glass hood & front bumper and Crager S/S mag wheels.
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